Websites, Supplies and Tools

As I mentioned in my first post I have never done a restoration on a trailer before. So I did some research before I dug in and just started ripping and tearing. There is a ton of info and plenty of people before me who have done similar projects, I suggest you view as many as possible. Digest what info applies to you and makes the most sense. Not everyone is going to do it the same way, but if it gets you the results you want then do it that way. I will share how we did it, along with any information I found on that part of the restoration.

Obviously you will need both hand tools and electric tools to do something like this. Im not going to list the obvious but I have a short little list of ones that have already made a difference with our project.

nail puller

Nail puller. This is a great tool for removing the twisty type nails you find on most of the interior paneling. Most hardware stores carry these

multi tool

As it name implies it has many uses. I have used it to cut small screws and plywood. I purchased a variable speed one at Harbor Fright for around 35.00.


Sawzall another multi cutting tool, great for cutting the rusty bolts and nails you are sure to find on the trailer and trailer frame. Get blades both for cutting wood and metal. I found a great metal blade from Diablo that has a round tip, it works so much easier than the pointy ones for cutting the bolts on the trailer

pocket hole jig

This will come in handy when you are repairing the framing on the trailer. Ill post a video up when I go to use this or just look one up yourself. Again I got mine at Harbor Freight for around $60.00, but you can find them at all major home improvement store

Do yourself a favor and go to this website. As I mentioned before information is king in doing a project like this and Larry has a done an excellent job of putting together some great video series on vintage trailer repairs and restorations. He did an amazing job on a 1957 Shasta. Larry’s video have given me the confidence that I can do this. Thanks Larry.

Vintage trailer supply is a great place for finding the supplies you need for your trailer. Window repair supplies,screen, hardware,lights, Round Cabinet Welt( some call it gimp), 3/4″ Butyl Putty Tape. Just check them out they have a great selection and fast service. I’ve used them already

When shopping for things you need for you trailer try and shop local. I’m a business owner so anytime I can I will shop local when I can, its not always about the price. Also your local Ace Hardware or other local hardware store is a great place to look for the more unique hardware your trailer might need. If you need birch plywood again try a local lumber yard, I got a great price on it at my local lumber supply yard and it was manufactured in the US.  Why not use Lowes or Home Depot for this, first its hard to find 1/8 inch birch there and also the stock they get may not be from the same manufacturer they may get it from several manufacturers and its not all the same. The big box guys are going to be great for nails, screws, basic wood framing needs and all the other stuff you will be needing. If you have a Harbor Freight they have lots of tools that do the job and you don’t have to over pay for them if you only maybe going to use them only a few times a year.


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