Removal of front and sink/stove cabinets

So to do any of the interior repairs and to redo the cabinets we had to remove the front of the trailer. We started off by removing the front windows. It went pretty easy, all the screws came out with no problem. We had notice the the streetside window was not the original window (see picture). Lucky for us we have the correct frame and all the pieces for it so we will be reinstalling it. Remember to take lots of pictures of anything you take apart as reference to either fix or to reinstall. Also have a sharpie marker on hand to mark on things you remove. Both so you know what they are and also where they go. Streetside and Curbside will be your reference and friend LOL, I learned that from watching Larry’s videos  It was a tense moment for LeeAnn and I as we tore out the front. No going back now.


Notice the streetside window. Its a crank style mounted sideways LOL. Lucky we have correct one like the curbside window.


Tin off the front. Oh my water damage. Did make removing paneling easier

Once we got the front off the inside paneling pretty much feel apart so not much demo to do there. We took measurements for the front windows to make a new frame for it. Also we found out that the bracket for the table is mounted on a piece of wood from the outside. I marked on the wood to remind myself of this before we got everything in and forgot that. The water damage as you can see to the front of our trailer is BAD bad. Oh well it can be replaced


Picture from inside after we removed the tin.


This shows how much water damage Im dealing with. Notice 12v fuse placement . This is on the street side where the table seat would be.


This is the table mount. Now the wood is screwed in from the outside and bracket is mounted on the inside. Also the trim under the window is also mounted from the outside. All needs replacing.

At this point we decided to remove the cabinet that the sink and stove are in. It needs to be refinished and needed new door skins and some of the frame work had been eaten by rodents so it also needed replacing. Its screwed down to the floor and walls. Most of the screws were so cordoed over or rusted so it took awhile to get them all out. I had to cut the ones mounting it to the floor with the sawzall, I just slipped the blade under the cabinet frame and cut them off. I didn’t have my multi tool at that time or I may have used that. Also getting the stove out was a process. There were 4 screws in the oven that held it down to the cabinet. All of them were rusted over and very hard to get going. Used some spray on them to loosed them up. Still was a job that required lots of patience to get them all out but they did come out.  I left the brass pipe for the propane attached to the stove so I had all the pieces together.


As you can see the deflector plate is pretty rusty as were the screws that mounted it to the cabinet. The rest of the stove is super clean

My wife LeeAnn was in charge of the sanding and staining and I took care of the needed repairs. I had to replace a few brace pieces in the cabinets around the drawers as the were chewed on by the rodents and one door skin. I also replaced the birch panel end pieces at the end by the sink and the pieces around the stove, they wear really damage bad and nasty looking. I also had to make two new shelf’s that are under the sink and I replaced all the drawer bottoms with panel that I found at Home Depot, its has a white laminate on it and was the correct thickness of the old plywood that was used. The sanding went easy. When we tested the color for the Shellac ( we used Amber) the color looked like the old stuff did. But the new birch panels we replaced came out alot lighter than we expected. We even made sure we did the same amount of cotes on all the wood. Were going to see how the rest comes out and if needed will go back and redo cabinet frames and try and make them match closer. We polished the old drawer handles up with #000 steel wool and they look almost new.

Sink end birch panel replaced. It was originally two different pieces. I chose to make it one piece instead.

Sink end birch panel replaced. It was originally two different pieces. I chose to make it one piece instead.


This is the stove end birch panel I replaced. You can also see the few pieces of new wood I replaced where they were chewed on. I haven’t installed the other birch panel that goes on the very end yet. I put that back in when we reinstall the cabinets. I also in all new

As you can see the original wood is pretty dark compared to the pieces we had to replace. The small door and the kick panel at the bottom are new birch.

As you can see the original wood is pretty dark compared to the pieces we had to replace. The small door and the kick panel at the bottom are new birch.

I’ll post up more pictures of the drawer repairs I did so you can see them. Will continue to remove the rest of the cabinets and get them done. We have all the doors off all the cabinets and have gotten the same dark results from the Shellac. Were guessing its just the age difference between the new birch panels and old ones.

washington dc trailer graduation 441

we replaced the shelf’s under the sink with a cabinet drawer laminate I found at Home Depot. A 4×8 sheet was about $12.00.

washington dc trailer graduation 442

All new drawer bottoms

washington dc trailer graduation 443

New drawer bottoms for under the stove and also a couple new pieces of wood for the cabinet itself.


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