Our 1957 Shasta

A little introduction about myself and our Shasta. My name is Mark. First off I have no previous experience with any trailer restoration or repairs . So this is all new for me. I do have a good background in working with wood and other tools. Im not afraid to get in and get dirty and do research and ask lot of questions when I don’t know.

Our excitement for a vintage trailer started on my way home from work one day. With my wife in her car ahead of me a vintage trailer pulled out onto the street just ahead of her. I immediately feel the force of the Vintage Trailer. Our search started that evening. Within 5 minutes of looking on craigslist we located one in our area 20 minutes away. We drove up on Memorial Day and towed it home. Purchased from the original owner who bought it new. Pink slip shows it being built in 1956 sold as a 1957. Its a 14 foot compact ( no wings those came after our model year from what I have been told and from the research that I have done). The last time the trailer was used was in 1977.


We had a nice visit with the owner and his son and heard all about the great family vacations spent in this trailer. Up to 6 boys and there parents slept in this trailer Really 8 people in this tiny thing). So our eyes were a little blinded by all the great stories told. Now I looked inside and I somehow convinced myself we can fix it, get it back out and making new memories.

So the new memories start